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Technology and business solutions
for your time-critical shipping company

Improve the supply chain management processes of your business

Mobile Application

Use our task-based courier Mobile Application to receive alerts, efficiently manage truckload shipping.

Custom Development

Create your own system custom-tailored to your specific business needs!


Integrate your different systems to streamline operations to save time and money.
We are here to help you with: scaling your operation • monitoring shipments • optimizing your costs and rating

About Us

For more than 3 decades Courier Space develops technology and business solutions for time-critical shipping companies. Among our customers are industry leaders, large multi-national organizations, as well as startups.

While balancing business and technology resources, we have succeeded to deliver exceptional expertise to our customers. Each Courier Space engagement is backed by a field-proven methodology and best practices.

We work with a proprietary approach, to scope and carefully plan projects and continue through to industry-leading implementation practices. You have a full access to multi-tiered project information. Moreover, our experienced project team is ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, market, and support the expedited shipping industry's leading IT solutions. Our primary stakeholders are customers and other organizations within the core markets. We innovate with practical technology products and services that are compliant, flexible, easy-to-use, and scalable.

We offer solutions for:
Next Flight Out Sameday Service International Shipping Logistics Local Messenger Air freight TL/LTL Supply Chain Service Express Services Inventory Management


Grow your shipping company with Courier Space products and improve your transportation operations.

Courier Cloud

Courier Cloud is a full-featured transportation management system for expedited shipping providers. Courier Cloud covers both domestic and international, next-flight-out, local messenger, time-critical/ same-day shipping, service parts logistics, freight, and supply chain management.

Our task-based system ensures all standard operating procedures are followed, so nothing can be missed!

Courier Cloud is based on years of expertise in the logistics and expedited transportation industry and should be grounded in the day-to-day operations of your business to take it to the next level.

Mobile Application

Available on the Apple App Store, MobileShipper allows your customers manage their shipments and is seamlessly integrated with CourierCloud TMS.

With the watch list feature, your customers can monitor only the most important shipments whether being on the road or outside of the office. The app has a standard iPhone interface, so it’s easy to use and customers can simply download the application and log in to their existing account to use it.

They have access to detailed information such as current shipment status, pickup and delivery address, reference information, routing information, operational notes and more.


Drive your time-critical shipping company forward with advanced services provided by our highly qualified team of specialists.

Business Consulting

Our team of experienced consultants can assist your courier, transportation, or logistics business with insight and guidance.

Some areas that we may be able to help include
Vendor Management and Negotiation Operational Process Improvement Accounting Procedures and Practices Sales Force Training and Development Product Development and New Markets

Software Development

Backed by decades of software development experience in the transportation and logistics industry we are here to create your own system, custom-tailored to your business specific needs! The flexibility of the tms technology brings incremental improvements to your existing system. We work within your current database system and give you quick improvements while integrating with your current applications using web services or native APIs.

Transportation Services

The Transportation Management Services we currently offer include:

Ground Services Vendor (Ground Agent) Management

For companies that rely heavily on vendors to provide ground services such as local pickup and delivery, airport recovery, and airport drop-off, we can now offer a professionally managed service that includes several of the time-consuming activities required to manage this network of ground agents including;

Formal rate negotiation and market pricing analysis Ongoing TSA certification tracking, including TSA training renewal and STA completion Performance reporting includes communication, rating, and operational performance. Sourcing, we'll rank and source ground agents for any U.S. or International market


The industry is mostly concentrated on time-critical and complex shipping solutions. These shipments frequently have very complex handling requirements: high regulation (federal, state, and local governments), temperature control, high value, and time-critical (short life span or wanted for an emergency).  

Industries we serve:
Life Sciences Biopharmaceutical Cold Chain Healthcare Medical devices Financial Institutions Secure Media and Entertainment Aircraft on Ground (AOG) parts High Technology transport


Our team of domain experts covers all major IT areas of organizations in transportation and logistics management industry. The Courier Space team has been developing information systems for major organizations for over 30 years. Combining strategic and tactical skills, we work with each client to set goals, implement programs and consider all aspects of the solution. We understand the difficulties of overcoming the current technological challenges and provide you with the technology to realize operational and developmental goals.
Jeff Kincaid CTO / Co-Founder

Jeff Kincaid

CTO / Co-Founder

Jeff Kincaid is renowned as one of the most innovative and influential technology leaders in the transportation and logistics management industry. He is specialized in designing and providing leading time-critical shipping companies with expedited shipping systems that are used to manage Next Flight Out and local expedited ground shipments.

Along with his extensive experience in leading technology and operational development within the organization, Jeff has also a powerful ability to align business goals with IT solutions.

Before establishing Courier Space, Jeff was the CIO of Network Global Logistics. He has also held senior management positions at other major companies in the transportation industry.

Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Glenville State College. He is a member of the Messenger Courier Association of the Americas (MCAA), Express Delivery and Logistics Association (XLA) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
Harmik Baghdasarian CEO / Co-Founder

Harmik Baghdasarian

CEO / Co-Founder

Harmik Baghdasarian is a highly effective executive with over thirty-five years of experience in system automation, implementation, and execution. He specializes in distribution and transportation management systems and has a high level of expertise in creating and implementing operational processes and procedures and designing, developing, and implementing software systems for these industries. Harmik has a proven success record for creating business and IT strategies for startups to multimillion-dollar companies. During his career, he has been in charge of implementing eight major multimillion-dollar international ERP/TMS projects like Oracle ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Aworks, and SAP with a hundred percent success rate on delivery, schedule, and budget.

His unique management and mentorship style has helped him put successful teams together and manage them to provide high-level results. His business motto over the years has always been “Our customer’s success is our success.”

Harmik has a bachelor’s of science degree in computer science from Queen Mary College of London University.

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